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    2nd February, 2024


    6 Months


    Mon - Fri 10:00 - 7:00 PM


    English, Hindi

    Technical Know-How

    No pre-requisites


    Valid PAN Card & Aadhar Card


    A laptop & stable internet connection


    Your proper dedication towards learning

    Ready to kickstart your journey as a ReactJS Web Development? Our beginner-friendly ReactJS Web Development course is your gateway to success! From mastering the Fundamentals of Programming to delving into Data Structures & algorithms & covering the entire spectrum of web development — including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & ReactJS — you’ll gain comprehensive knowledge to craft dynamic and interactive web applications.

    You’ll acquire the skills & confidence to make a lasting impression through engaging projects & practical examples. Plus, here’s the exciting part: Our course guarantees job placement, and upon completion, you’ll earn a certificate showcasing your newfound expertise. Enroll now & take that first step toward a thriving ReactJS Web developer career!

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    Starting programming from ground zero
    Eager to transition from a non-technical to a technical career
    Unfamiliar with any programming languages
    Want to switch careers from a non-technical to a technical one
    Dreaming of earning a seven-figure income
    If you have chosen one, this course is precisely tailored to your needs!


    Master the complexities of coding through live projects, personalized mentorship from IT experts, and comprehensive interview readiness.

    Coding Essentials

    Introduction to programming language

    • Variables
    • Input and Output
    • DataTypes – byte, int, char, float, double, short, long, string


    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Assignment Operators
    • Relational Operators
    • Logical Operators

    Conditional Statements

    • if-else
    • Nested if-else
    • Switch statement


    • Built-in functions
    • User-defined functions
    • Return Statement


    • Types of Loops – For, While, Do-while
    • Nested Loops
    • Break Statement
    • Continue Statement
    • Pattern

    Basics of Arrays

    • Printing Array Elements
    • Find and Searching in Array
    • Count and Storing Information
    • Updating Array Elements
    • Pattern

    Time Complexity

    • Constant time complexity
    • Logarithmic time complexity
    • Linear time complexity
    • Quadratic time complexity
    • Exponential time complexity

    Data Structures


    • Subarrays
    • Two Pointers
    • Prefix Array
    • Kadane’s algorithm
    • Array as hashmap


    • ArrayList
    • Stack
    • Hashmap
    • Queue
    • Priority Queue

    2D Arrays

    • Traversals
    • Transformation
    • Modification
    • 2D Array Rotation
    • 2D Array in real life


    • Searching in string
    • Substrings
    • String Misc.
    • Frequency Hashmap
    • String Maths


    • Linear Search
    • Binary Search


    • Bubble Sort
    • Selection Sort
    • Insertion Sort
    • Inbuilt Sort

    Web Fundamentals


    • Basic Command Line
    • Git and GitHub
    • Git command
    • use of git status
    • use of .gitignore
    • Git Branch
    • Clone and Forking the repo


    • Why do we need Design
    • Difference between UI/UX
    • Why Figma, how to use Figma
    • Design Tools
    • Practical use of Figma
    • Designing Component in Figma

    JS Fundamentals

    • Introduction to JS
    • What is node, Installing NodeJS
    • Data structures in JS: Array, String, Set, Map, Object
    • Functions
    • Higher Order Function
    • Map Filter Reduce

    HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

    • Introduction to web and HTML
    • HTML Tags & forms
    • Introduction to CSS
    • CSS Properties
    • CSS Box Model and Units
    • CSS Text formatting
    • CSS positioning and Pseudo elements
    • Intro to Flex, Flex Property
    • CSS gradient and Transition
    • CSS Grid
    • Introduction to Bootstrap

    Advanced Javascript

    Advanced JS Concepts

    • Scope
    • Hoisting
    • Closure
    • ES6
    • Promises
    • Async Await


    • What is DOM
    • Creating an Element
    • Appending child to a parent element
    • Removing a child element from a parent node
    • Event Listeners


    • Browser Object Model
    • BOM Examples
    • Location
    • Navigator


    • Local storage
    • Session storage
    • Cookies


    • Introduction to Classes and Objects
    • Introduction to constructors
    • Functions (Methods in classes)
    • Constructor Overloading and Method Overloading
    • Use of Static Keyword
    • Inheritance
    • Public, Private for instance variables and methods
    • Overriding
    • this (context)
    • call apply bind


    • Github Finder
    • Dictionary app
    • Meal finder
    • Real-time Weather app
    • Random Quote Generator
    • Crypto Tracker
    • Photo gallery app

    Frontend in ReactJS

    React Introduction

    • JS Refresher
    • React – what why and where
    • Create Hello World in React using CDN

    React lifecycle Methods

    • Introduce useEffect
    • Fetching API using useEffect
    • Different lifecycle method
    • Create Quiz app using useEffect

    JSX, Props and States

    • Introduction to JSX
    • Props in React
    • State in React
    • JSX & Props in practice
    • State & Event Handling
    • Best Practices for using JSX, Props and State

    More about React

    • Intro to Routing
    • Context API
    • Redux
    • Class Component

    Capstone Project

    Practice Marathon

    • DSA
    • JS
    • React

    Capstone Project

    • Project Planning
    • Agile
    • Team work
    • Deployment
    • Presentation
    Career Preperation
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    Live Projects


    IT Experts


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    Our students are placed as
    MERN Stack Engineer
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    Web Developer
    Software Developer Engineer

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    Discover the benefits of the ReactJS Web Development Course:

    • Receive guidance from industry experts while gaining practical experience through hands-on projects.
    • Cultivate sought-after skills that pave the way for significant career advancement and increased salary prospects.
    • Upon completing the course, access placement guarantee for your career journey.

    Upon completing this course, you will:

    • Possess the confidence to create, design, and develop web applications proficiently.
    • Demonstrate the ability to write optimized and scalable code.
    • Be well-positioned to secure a high-paying tech job!
    Unlock the door to your dream career with a single step!

    Fee starting from as low as

    No Cost EMI 100% Job Guarantee
    • All degrees/branches supported
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    Total Fee : ₹1.0L ₹55,000
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    Get Certified

    Upon triumphant course completion, you'll receive a prestigious certificate affirming your expertise. This serves as a powerful testament to elevate your stature as a distinguished software engineer, amplifying your professional credibility in the industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A ReactJS Web Development course will equip you with proficiency in creating interactive user interfaces and mastering essential React concepts like components, state management, and JSX syntax, enhancing your ability to build dynamic and responsive web applications.

    The duration of ReactJS Web Development courses varies depending on the program structure, learning pace, and prior experience. Typically, the course will take 7 to 8 months.

    This ReactJS Web Development course is tailored for beginners without a coding background. It commences from scratch, covering fundamental programming concepts before advancing to more complex topics.