Frequently Asked Questions

Program Schedule & Curriculum

Tooldart’s programs cater to individuals passionate about pursuing a career in the tech industry. Whether you’re a final-year student, recent graduate, or a working professional looking to advance your skills, our courses are designed to accommodate individuals from diverse educational and professional backgrounds.

No, a Computer Science background is not mandatory to apply for our program. We welcome candidates from all engineering disciplines who are enthusiastic about pursuing a career in technology. Regardless of your branch background, we encourage you to apply and explore the opportunities our program offers in the tech industry.

The classes are scheduled during after office hours on working days and on the weekends.

Payment Related Queries

Tooldart does not differentiate among students on the basis of payment plan or any other criteria. Each candidate under the program will go through exactly the same course and will learn from the same Tutors, Mentors. There will also be no difference in the referral process for the candidates.

EMI option is available from our financing partners for the prepaid payment plans.

Placement Process

Referrals are based on your preparation level. Typically, they start toward the end of the program. But, we can start referring candidates sooner if they are ready.

You will be referred to multiple companies until you get an offer letter. Additionally, you will receive an internship certificate upon successfully completing the course with Tooldart.

A candidate is only referred to those companies that he/she is interested in joining.